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Proverbs 31:27 June 22, 2008

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“She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness” Proverbs 31:27

Are you as a woman, mother, or wife keeping busy? The old saying that idle time is the devils workshop is true and a valid perspective of those individuals with nothing to do. Which allows the devil the opportunity to walk through a gate into you life, very quitely. Keep your time occupied as well as the lives of your children. With enriching activities that aren’t stressful or over bearing would be a wise choice. My oldest child made a comment this morning that she wanted to do something and she was board. Her mood was grummpy and negative, why? Simple, it was because she had idle time and it affected her mood and the way she treated others. This is a clear example of how the devil can cause you to neglectfully display christian behavior. So it is safe to say that not only idle time can cause you to do things that are not Christ like but also be have un-Christ like.


Spring Clean March 28, 2007

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April is around the corner and it is time to say a long farewell to the blues of winter. I am about to start, not only will I be cleaning my home but also my finances. Yours should have a seasonal cleaning routine. A cleaning routine will allow you to prevent from spiraling out of control of your homes organization. When you neglect a seasonal maintenance plan you are more subject of unexpected emergencies such as broken appliance or not having the appropriate cleaning equipment when the time is needed. As I mentioned I will be starting my Spring-cleaning this week with hopes of having it completed by next week. The first thing I need to do is create a list of cleaning supplies needed to complete my seasonal task.

Tonya’s Cleaning supply list:
Murphy’s Oil soap: (for those 20ft wood walls in my Great Room and cabinets)
Micro fiber cleaning rags: (Excellent! Four towels come in a pack at Target. One
for Dusting, polishing, glass and mirror and all-purpose cleaning.)
Carpet cleaner
All purpose cleaner
New mop
White Vinegar: (To clean microwave and dishwasher)
Lysol Spray
Magic Erase: (To remove my little Picasso work of art from the walls)

Well I have shared my list of needs with you in order to complet this task. Tommorow I will share my list for Spring Cleaning.


How to live a simple life March 24, 2007

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“There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in you own way”

-Christopher Morely. 

When you hear the term “Simplify” you probably think of riding yourself of possessions or things you enjoy. When truly living a simple life is being able to enjoy your life free of negative stress created by the unnecessary stressors. Over the next few weeks I will give you tips on simplifying your life. By you simplifying your finances, home, communications, stop over scheduling yourself and rid your home of clutter you can gain great levels of peace. Keep in mind simplifying is not an easy task and may take some time and dedication, but the benefits are great! Being overwhelmed with task, bills, possessions, appointments and work you are not able to step back and smell the roses. I often would see women who were so free, happy and energetic and would ask myself “how can I obtain that type of peace?” Well the big difference from those women versus myself was the way they structured their time, possessions and finances. My husband’s grandfather Rev. Hilton Seabrooks of Detroit said something that stood out in my mind for years. Someone said to him “Rev. the grass is greener on the other side” he would respond with “If you water your grass it would be greener too.” Basically if you take care of yourself (emotionally, physically and spiritually), your finances, your home, your family and your time you can have that level of peace and simplicity that you so long for. I guess it all boils down to practicing good stewardship. My word of encouragement is to be a good steward over the things that the Lord has blessed you with.

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